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Business Guide

At the same time, we understand that sustained success is about more than just providing great services. Find out what we mean when we talk about steadfast superior customer service by contacting us. SBA LYNX PAYMENT can solve all of your electronic processing needs!

Find out how we can assist you in applying any of the following to your business.

Learning Center

Articles on development, business expansion, ways to recruit, operate and manage employees, providing a source of knowledge for small businesses.

Marketing Program

Small business advertising, marketing, social media growth, sales expansion, and SBA Lynx Payment support programs.

Cash Discount Program

The Cash Discount "Freedom of Fees" Program is a way for you as a merchant to offset some or all of your current merchant service fees without increasing your overall rates. 

COVID-19 Relief Options

SBA Lynx Payment offers help for small businesses affected by COVID-19.

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