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If your restaurant, café or eatery offers a dine-in service, you own a full service establishment. In contrast to takeaways and food carts, it is crucial for full service establishments to have an efficient and up-to-date POS system. For one thing, customers tend to spend more when they are seated and relaxed to enjoy their meal instead of grabbing something on the go. As customers spend more time at your establishment, naturally the number of transactions will start to add up, making orders and calculations prone to human error. All of these issues can be avoided with the implementation of an efficient POS system.

Importance of POS Systems for Full Service Establishments

Below are some reasons it is important for full service establishments to have an updated POS system:

  • Open the Door to A Wider Base of Customers: The truth is, most people today do not walk around with a substantial sum of cash in their pockets. There simply is no need to with the widespread availability of card and contactless payment options. If your full service establishment is still operating on a “cash only” premise, you are losing out on a significant base of customers.

  • Avoid Human Error: Full service establishments tend to experience rush hours during lunch and dinner. Relying on handwritten tickets can result in miscommunication between wait staff and kitchen staff, especially during busy times. Messy handwriting and undecipherable abbreviations can be avoided when a POS system is used. Orders are sent to the kitchen immediately via an automated system, leaving no room for confusion.

Benefits of POS Systems for Full Service Establishments

Full service establishments can benefit from POS systems in the following ways:

  • Quick Processing of Payment: Full service establishments need to be able to collect payments quickly and efficiently, not just to improve customer experience but to free up tables during peak periods. A POS system with the necessary hardware and software allows for quick and efficient cashing out. Furthermore, hand-held devices can be brought directly to table and customers do not have to leave their seats to pay.

  • Efficient Splitting of Bills: You have probably come across groups of customers who would like to split their bills. Instead of calculating the individual sum owed manually, a POS system can do the calculation for you instantly and effectively. No more over- or undercharging, no more complaints.

Types of Bar & Lounge POS Systems Offered by SBA Lynx Payment

At SBA Lynx Payment, we offer the following types of POS systems to suit your full service establishment’s unique needs and requirements.

  • Clover POS

  • Mobile POS

  • Counter Top POS

  • E-Commerce

Get the Best POS System for Your Full Service Restaurant Business at SBA Lynx Payment

If you are looking to get POS systems for your Full Service business, SBA Lynx Payment is more than happy to help. Our point-of-sale experts will assess your company’s needs and concerns before recommending a POS system that helps achieve your goals. Since our inception, we have been serving a diverse clientele for over three decades. We are recognized as a trusted merchant service provider because we practice transparency and offer zero-cost processing benefits.

If you are looking for a POS solution for your Full Service, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will recommend the best system to suit your business’s unique needs and requirements.

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