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Merchant Account for  Health & Fitness

Elastic Band Exercises

Whether you own a health facility or a fitness center, taking care of other people’s well-being is often a demanding task. From promoting the best fitness practices and healthy living, you have your work cut out every day. One of the most stressful parts of your job is collecting money manually from your clients. At first, this might seem like an easy task, but collecting payments becomes a pain in the neck as the business grows. Luckily, you can shape up your payments with professional merchant solutions from SBA Lynx Payment.

Using merchant services for your health and fitness business comes with a plethora of benefits, including:

Provides Clients with Flexible Payment Options

Using reliable integrated merchant services helps you accept credit card payments and streamline your finances with the latest solutions. Instead of entering your clients’ data manually every day, you can use these services to automate it and update your books regularly. This way, you save your business from the risk of human error, which can be detrimental to your finances. Additionally, it prevents you from shelling out finances on the ever-high accounting costs.

Improves Your Revenue Cycle

Through integrated payment solutions, your clients are able to make easy payments to your business. This means they use their credit cards and mobile devices to pay for your services. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for insurance claims to be processed so that you can receive your money. This enhances your revenue cycle and quickens the time you get paid for your services.

Other benefits that come with using merchant services include:

  • Efficient tracking of funds

  • Receive funds quickly

  • Minimize late payments

  • Reduce missed membership dues

  • Reduce the stress that comes with manual payments

  • … and much more

Work with a Reputable, Dependable, and Trusted Merchant Services Provider

If you own a health and fitness center, you need to take your time, do research, and find a trusted merchant service provider you can trust. The service provider you choose to work with should handle all aspects of payment processing for you and must eliminate the hassle of manual collections. It should offer a fast, efficient, and easy setup process that allows you to start collecting payments without delay.

If you are looking for such a merchant services partner, you have come to the right place. At SBA Lynx Payment, we are the best the market can offer. Once you start working with us, you can rest assured that you will not continue handling devastating financial records going forward.

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