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Merchant Account for 
Home & Repair Services

Construction Workers

Whether you are a service merchant working in construction, maintenance, landscaping, plumbing, HVAC services, home inspection, fireplace repair, leak detection, chimney cleaning, appliance repair, or other similar fields, you need payment solutions that are convenient, reliable, and effective while on to go. The merchant service you choose should provide you with a convenient way to carry your office in your pocket from one project to the next. It should make it easy for you to quickly cash out your clients when a service is complete and receive your money without any delays.

Using merchant services for home & repair services has many benefits, including:

Get Payments Faster

Through merchant services provided by premium providers such as SBA Lynx Payment, you can receive payments instantly after completing each job. You can create an automated payment plan that ensures you don’t have to spend hours on end entering customer details in your books. You can also use merchant services to provide electronic bill presentment and payment to enhance convenience in every job.

Increase Sales

Moving to online payments and accepting credit card payments in your home & repair business streamlines the way you handle transactions. Instead of counting money manually, electronic payments allow you to get organized and enhance better cash flow forecasting and management.

Customer Convenience

The customer is, without a doubt, the most important stakeholder in your business. Merchant services provide your customer with the utmost convenience and prompt them to come back or refer others who may be seeking the services you provide.

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