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Merchant Account for  Grocery/Convenient Stores


When it comes to shopping, the trend so far has been greater convenience for clients. Companies and retailers who make it easy for clients to shop, order, and pay are rewarded by the market through increased sales and greater customer satisfaction levels. Grocery and convenient stores are slowly upgrading their systems to give consumers smoother shopping experiences.

One of the areas that have seen significant change is merchant services. When a retailer takes his or her time to find the right merchant services provider for their business, they get numerous benefits. This is due to a variety of reasons that we will explore.

Credit Card Processing

When a grocery store is able to accept credit card payments through merchant services, it is able to increase sales. This is due to the fact that the added convenience to the customer motivates them to frequent the retail store and even buy more during each visit. When selecting the right merchant services provider for your credit card payments, it is important to ensure that you get the best terms possible. For example, there are merchant services providers who have zero transaction processing fees and rapid transaction processing capabilities.

Open Up New Opportunities

With a global pandemic on the increase and people opting to shop online, your store’s ability to receive money online through credit card payments becomes vital. Many grocery owners are seeing increased online sales and the challenge now becomes how to integrate those transactions into their POS system. With good merchant services, however, this is not a major problem. For example, SBA Lynx Payment offers inventory management services as part of the ecommerce support system. Traders also get automatic invoicing which helps to keep track of sales and best of all, no application or setup fees.


If you run a grocery or convenient store, you understand that how you utilize the retail space determines how well your store does. Sometimes, you may want to set up a separate selling point in order to maximize on impulsive buys. With SBA Lynx Payment’s counter top POS machines, you are able to process payments at different points of your store. All these transactions are integrated into your overall financial reporting so you keep track of every sale that is made. Other benefits include a fast approval process with turn-around just 12 hours after you make your application.

Working with SBA Lynx Payment for POS systems makes a lot of sense. Our model is designed to help small American businesses maximize their sales while keeping their transaction costs to a minimum. Food truck owners love our transparent pricing as well as our cash discount processing. It is also super-easy to apply for any of our POS systems and our experts are always at hand to help if you need to identify the right system for your food stand. Reach out to SBA Lynx Payment for a quote.

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