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Merchant Account for
Bars & Lounges


Customers often frequent bars and lounges to unwind and relax after a long day. Hence, you want to make sure their experience goes as smoothly as possible – besides the specially curated cocktails and the overall ambience of the place, this includes having an efficient point-of-sale (POS) system.

Today, bars and lounges can no longer afford to go without an efficient POS system. Not only does it enable you to carry out transactions quickly and accurately, it is also highly secure and allows for easy tracking of sales and inventory data.

Importance of POS Systems for Bars & Lounges

Below are some reasons it is important for bars and lounges to have an updated POS system:

  • Multiple Transactions: Unlike other food and drink establishments where customers tend to make a single transaction, bars and lounges tend to experience numerous drink orders made by a single customer in one night. Let an efficient POS system serve as a debit and credit card processor and reduce your reliance on manual calculations.

  • High Number of Deliveries and Supplies: Keep track of the supplies you receive regularly and know exactly when you are running low on a particular food or drink item.

Benefits of POS Systems for Bars & Lounges

Bars and lounges can benefit from POS systems in the following ways:

  • Accurately Tracked Sales and Inventory Data: If you are tired of keying in transactions manually, an efficient POS system makes ringing up sales so much easier. Furthermore, you can derive actionable insights from your sales and inventory data, which can be retrieved instantly.

  • Enhanced Security: POS systems are highly reliable and secure, reducing the chances of employee theft or mistakes. A few instances of deliberately undercharging customers or accidentally keying in a wrong amount can add up to huge losses over time, which can be avoided with a POS system.

  • Well-Designed Menu Display: Show off the specially curated cocktails and food items your bar or lounge has to offer with a colorful, attractive display. Furthermore, it frees up your employees to tend to their other tasks instead of having to repeatedly explain what a cocktail contains.

Types of Bar & Lounge POS Systems Offered by SBA Lynx Payment

At SBA Lynx Payment, we offer the following types of POS systems to suit your bar or lounge’s unique needs and requirements.​

  • Clover POS

  • Mobile POS

  • Counter Top POS

  • E-Commerce

Get the Best POS System for Your Bar & Lounge Business at SBA Lynx Payment

If you are looking to get POS systems for your auto/vehicle repair business, SBA Lynx Payment is more than happy to help. Our point-of-sale experts will assess your company’s needs and concerns before recommending a POS system that helps achieve your goals. Since our inception, we have been serving a diverse clientele for over three decades. We are recognized as a trusted merchant service provider because we practice transparency and offer zero-cost processing benefits.

If you are looking for a POS solution for your bar and lounges, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will recommend the best system to suit your business’s unique needs and requirements.

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