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“Merchant Cost Forgiveness- Journey to the Heart”

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

SBA Lynx Payment's mission has touched people's hearts According to Mr. David J Matney, the quality of the relief packages even exceeds the criteria set forth by SBA Lynx Payment. “It is rare to see a relief project that can recognize the efforts of founders and business owners from cost savings, cost reimbursement to revenue increase by increasing creativity, ideas for come true, become works that can impact millions of individuals, organizations and businesses like SBA Lynx Payment”.

The journey “for one community” is about why David J Matney and its founders and partners bring to the Merchant Cost Forgivess program. Mr. Matney shared about the first time he founded SBA Lynx Payment when Covid appeared: “The first thought in my mind is that anyone, any organization, business or individual when facing difficult circumstances, want to lend a helping hand, many individuals and organizations always accompany difficult situations by deducting a portion of their own profits to accomplish it. When the disaster of the Covid 19 pandemic appeared, everyone was in a difficult situation and the thought of "helping the more disadvantaged" began to become difficult to implement, our community needs an organization to take action and SBA Lynx Payment simply doing the right thing from the point of view of spreading love.”

In addition to joy, there is also pride. What convinces business owners to come along and receive the Merchant Cost Forgiveness relief is the understanding and technology in the world that really makes a change for business owners in reducing the cost burden, with Coming from a family with a true business background, Mr. David J Matney understands that fact better than anyone. Therefore, he wants to contribute his efforts to the business community, not only getting a refund through the Merchant Cost Forgiveness program, business owners can also apply scientific and technological developments based on federal law to increase revenue and eliminate card fees altogether. “The mission of the Merchant Cost Forgiveness program has touched the hearts of many people,” said Jerry at the SBA Lynx Payment partners conference.

“The quality is amazing, I can feel the warmth in the relationship of the business owners who are walking hand in hand every step of the way in this bailout and SBA Lynx Payment”, “No door knocking, no gate opening” SBA Lynx Payment and financial partners have worked closely with merchant bancard network (MBNs) of all sizes to ensure the widest range of MCF access to small businesses. To ensure fastest funding for all small businesses, especially those in underserved minority communities, SBA Lynx Payment and financial partners have worked closely with network system, banking relationships and business location through satellite review.

Business owners can also take advantage of this programs based on federal law to increase revenue and eliminate card fees altogether.

These questions can be questioned at first, even many are wrong, but the important thing, he says, is that "in many wrong questions, there will be right questions". In addition, the beauty of the merchant cost forgiveness program begins with going beyond the comfort zone, freely and courageously pursuing, entering a new area. Giving advice to young businesses, Mr. David J Matney said that it is necessary to have a forum to explore together and create a culture of "Can do - I can do it". “Talent needs to be inspired, empowered and constantly learning,” he said.

Importance: To ensure the safety of this world-class event, the Organizing Committee had a plan to test for Covid-19 for all guests according to that met and exceeded CDC guidelines.

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